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Gepubliceerd op 17 november 2020 om 14:42

Desiree from Cafe Analog send out a newsletter in July 2020 in which she announces that they will be selling my cards and Art Prints. I am so grateful and proud to have found a webshop who wants to sell my products and is runt by people who sell with their heart. They offer a wide range of luxury and high quality stationery items. 


This is a part of their July newsletter:


'One of our good friends and designers, that we met at Cafe Analog is Caroline Vieira.

From the beginning, in 2017, she has been assisting us, when it came to exclusive designs and producing them. We already did 2 successfull collabs with her.
You may remember last year's Mistletoe stamp and waxseal? (We are trying to get these back in our shop again for the Winter season btw).

We love Caroline's pretty Dried Art- and Symbotanical series, where she mixes and combines symbolism with flowers and nature.


For example

LAVANDULA | ‘in the symbolic language of flowers, Lavender⁣
denote purity, silence, devotion and caution’⁣

ANEMONE | stands for fragility, luck, love and anticipation

Because Caroline's art breaths nature, peace and stillness, these are perfect for all circumstances, even sad ones, and we do love them in a nice frame. Go have a look!'




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